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Left: Bullet; Right: "Our Puppies are kid tested and parent approved." Images and content © 2005 by T. Griffin


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pupBGriffin Ranch is not a puppy factory. We have great puppies available to good homes. They are only available occasionally. (We usually only breed about every two years, but this varies.) Our German Shepherds have international championship lineage on both sides and are some of the best dogs you will find anywhere.

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A couple of well trained young dogs are available for service positions or for families.



March 2008 puppies

As cute as puppies are when they are small, they don't stay small for very long.

Bullet 1yr old

Above: "Bullet" at one year old
Below: Child Tested - Parent Approved

red PJ and Plush pup

A picture of a boy in red pajamas and his puppy when both were still small.
Tim and his plush coated German Shepherd "Hauntz."


No matter if you are looking for a new member of the family or a partner in your work, this is a chance to find a great German Shepherd dog.

Here at Griffin Ranch we are constantly training. Its what we do and we are very good at it. Tricia is retired Law Enforcement, K-9 division ,and has over thirty years experience. Our dogs and puppies are exposed to a large variety of situations

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